Case Studies

Axis Microsoft Services Created A Custom Migration Solution

Problem Overview:

A local Defense Contractor approached Axis with a request to migrate a large site collection from one SharePoint instance to another instance. The client’s goal was to separate the site and create its own instance for security reasons. The major issue that they were experiencing was the architectural underpinnings of the original site, and the size of the environment (>300 GB of data).


After analyzing the issues, Axis identified and isolated the specific site from the other content, and wrote custom migration routines to facilitate and ensure a successful process. Our team then created a new stand alone web application which allowed us to enhance security and apply proper governance for the client’s site.


The client now has a secure environment for their stand alone web application that is equipped to protect their data. In addition to the migration, the client has realized that their environment could also benefit from following Microsoft Best Practices, and has asked Axis to help them implement that methodology. This will allow us to assist in keeping their infrastructure up to date with industry known best practices.

“I know I speak for the entire team when I say thanks for your hard work! I know this ended up being a much more challenging job than originally thought. The site looks good so far with no issues.”


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