Axis Summit Presenter Masergy: SD-WAN, UCaaS, Security, and Customer Service, All in One

As the Axis Spring Summit approaches, we are introducing some of our event partners and previewing what you will hear and see from them at the event. Today, Jessica Flannery-Ball of Masergy highlights their enterprise solution.

How can buyers get the best of both worlds—the full span of services from secure SD-WAN and unified communications as a service to managed security functionalities combined with boutique-like customer experience?

There’s a problem in today’s market: some large providers may offer a complete portfolio of technologies but are often not known for their customer service. This results in long waiting lines for those seeking support, multiple contacts for different services, and numerous portals with disjointed dashboards. Smaller providers, in contrast, may offer good customer service in their standalone niche service but often don’t have the necessary implementation expertise and can’t provide fully integrated solutions.

Let’s face it, when buyers select among mid-sized companies, they often must make a choice between getting the attention they deserve or the technology they need.

Masergy has a distinct advantage here, and it’s led to some amazing growth numbers and a large influx of new logos!

Enterprise Solutions Coupled with an Unparalleled Customer Experience
Masergy balances enterprise-level solutions and global availability with the world-class service experience that today’s IT teams crave. Various industry analysts have noted that Masergy’s offerings are representative of larger CSPs with a strong portfolio of services while being highly differentiated by their industry-leading customer service.

It’s difficult to find a provider that offers managed SD-WAN, globally reliable network services, UCaaS, CCaaS, and managed security that spans everything from 24/7 proactive security monitoring to a complete managed detection-and-response solution. But it’s even harder to find all of that from a provider known for its live support and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 70+ when the industry average is a mere 21. NPS measures customer loyalty and is now a standard measuring stick for evaluating customer experience. Scores above 70 are a true rarity (think Apple and Amazon), meaning anyone partnering with a 70+ NPS company can rest assured that the service will be of exceptional quality.

A True Partner for Secure Migration to the Cloud
Legacy communications technologies can act as a barrier to cloud migration, which explains why hybrid cloud deployments are increasingly popular. Using SIP trunking capabilities to bulldoze the issues of existing PBX technologies, hybrid deployments allow some systems to transition to cloud-based UCaaS/CCaaS while others continue to run on premise. With a single dial plan, hybrid solutions integrate call plans on a global basis (even with disparate systems spread across the world) and provide a single, consistent user experience to all users.

Masergy helps enterprises move to the cloud on their terms by giving customers more choices in how they chart their migration path to fully hosted as-a-service solutions. With Masergy’s global software-defined platform and industry-leading collaboration technologies, customers get hybrid cloud deployment options with seamless implementation and 24/7 comprehensive live support.

“Masergy was one of the first service providers to successfully deliver our Customer Journey Platform to global enterprises, so they have earned a black belt in understanding how to design solutions and execute on the offering,” said Lisa Chason a Product Solution Specialist with Cisco.

With Masergy, customers have the freedom to choose

  • Any device: which devices they want to use (existing PBX phones spread across disparate locations or a long list of end points and bring-your-own devices or a combination of both);
  • Any service type: how they want to receive the service (via PRI, SIP trunking, or a hosted solution);
  • Any network access methodology: which data transport type they want to use for service delivery (SD-WAN with any network connectivity type, including hybrid networks that blend both private and public access);
  • Add-on security services: comprehensive solutions with fully managed security services, including 24/7 monitoring and managed detection and response.

We have very limited space available for this event. If you would like to attend contact your Axis rep today to save your seat. If you are interested in speaking with an Axis rep about this event or would like to speak with Masergy, please click here to begin the conversation!

By: Jessica Flannery-Ball, Global Account Manager–Masergy