Case Studies

Axis Web Services Now Supports JS McCarthy Printers

Problem Overview:

JS McCarthy, an Offset and Commercial Printing company, is a pre-existing Axis customer who inquired about Axis’ new Web Services offerings. They were struggling with an unreliable web host which was having a day-to-day impact on their business processes. Their public-facing website,, is an important business tool that is used by their customers and potential customers, daily.


In response to JS McCarthy’s concerns, Axis Web Services outlined a comprehensive plan to address their issues and business goals. Axis migrated their website to a secure reliable hosting environment while identifying and correcting persistent Domain Name System (DNS) problems. In addition, Axis updated their website with a new responsive design, homepage, blog, videos and Social Media integration.


As a result, Axis’ marketing support is now an extension to JS McCarthy’s internal marketing department. This client now has on-demand access to an experienced linux web server system administrator. Through Axis Web Services, JS McCarthy has a mobile-friendly, responsive website that reflects their brand image. Axis resolved JS McCarthy’s internal DNS issues and eliminated a problematic DNS redirect loop. JS McCarthy’s search engine optimization (SEO) was improved and Axis now supports ongoing site updates and user training for their Content Management System (CMS).

Furthermore, JS McCarthy has since acquired and merged with a number of printing companies. Axis has been able to successfully integrate those web properties into, which has acted as an added value to JS McCarthy in delivering requisite service levels.

The coordination and teamwork of Axis Web Services, Axis Engineering and JS McCarthy has impacted JS McCarthy in measurable ways. now has a 99.9% uptime, zero security vulnerabilities with their CMS-based website, and increased web traffic (via google analytics). During the implementation of Axis Web Services solutions, there was no interruption of any business processes.

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