Past Events

How Modern Intranets are Boosting Employee Adoption, Collaboration, and ROI for Organizations


Learn how to plan, structure and maintain your intranet.

Correctly planning an intranet site is just as important as correctly deploying an intranet site. Our team has created an Intranet Planning Guide to help you get started and brainstorm on the specific needs, requirements and goals of your organization/each department. During this webinar, we discussed how to improve employee engagement, communication, collaboration, document management and provide all attendees with our FREE Intranet Planning Guide so that you can meet with your team and identify your organizational needs.

Attendees walked away from this webinar with further knowledge on:

  • Improving employee engagement, communication, collaboration, and document management
  • Streamlining your business processes
  • Driving organizational efficiency
  • Empowering teamwork
  • Real-life examples and case-studies of modern intranets
  • Getting started right away