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Have You Heard Google Chrome’s Announcement?

Google made a recent announcement that the web browser, Google Chrome, will start alerting website visitors when a website is insecure

An insecure website simply means that personal information (username, password, credit card info, etc.) is being collected in an insecure manner. Google Chrome will display a notification that users will have to acknowledge before proceeding to the insecure page.

Not having a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) will undoubtedly have a negative impact for many websites. There has been a growing network of malicious bots (autonomous or semi-autonomous computers) that constantly probe and try to exploit insecure sites. There is actually a real benefit to serving content securely as it makes exploiting the security vulnerabilities more difficult for hackers.

To make a long story short, we encourage everyone to have their web properties converted from being served via the http:// protocol to being served securely over the https:// protocol.

Have an insecure website? Prevent now instead of curing later!

There are two certificates we can install and configure. When deciding which option is best for you, it’s as easy as evaluating the type of information you are receiving from your website visitors.

For sites that are not handling sensitive information, we are recommending free Let’s Encrypt certificates.

For sites that are handling sensitive information (credit card transactions, usernames, passwords, etc.), we are recommending purchased SSL certificates.

We highly recommend you reach out sooner rather than later, as we have a high demand to perform these conversions.