How Axis Provides Benefit As A Managed Services Provider

Today, every company needs IT to function but does not always have the dedicated IT staff. Often someone with an interest in technology becomes the go-to person in addition to their normal day to day role. They end up not focusing on what they were hired for, and priorities get shuffled. The company is less efficient because their technology is not fully optimized, and the most important resources – the people – are not utilized to their full potential.

Enter Axis Business Solutions. Having a great managed services provider can help you focus resources – including people, time and money – in the most efficient manner to achieve your business goals. While there are many potential benefits of a managed services provider, we narrowed it down to a few key areas of focus for today’s discussion.

Maximize Uptime:

“Every business needs to be ready for emergencies,” said Axis Business Solutions President, Peter Estes. “From breaches of Security to power failures and data loss, you can be at risk of recovery and potentially damage your company’s reputation.”

Systems have become easier and easier for the user which results in significantly more complexity on the back end. When this technology is working like it should, the experience is excellent for the user – but failures bring this increased complexity to light very quickly.

In addition, when your team needs troubleshooting support, you can leverage our highly certified technicians to diagnose and correct problems. Your team can stay focused on the strategic initiatives that make money for your company while the service provider keeps the lights on.

“A dedicated technology partner can help prevent trouble by managing upgrades and changes,” added Estes. “By implementing a good monitoring solution and making a team of experts available, many problems will be avoided. Working with us to implement a good managed services plan will prevent and detect problems before they become real headaches.”

Security and Compliance:

The sophistication of cyber attacks increases every day. Data breaches and compliance issues can have a huge impact on small businesses.

“The impact of a cyber attack to small businesses can be very long lasting financially and to a company’s reputation,” said Joe Paquet, VP of Vendor Alliance at Axis Business Solutions. “Add to that compliance considerations around things like PCI and there is a huge amount of work required to keep systems safe and compliant.”

Using Axis as your managed services partner gives you a partner who will keep you up to date with regard to the latest threats – while also helping you implement best practices relevant to your business. Having Axis bring our expertise to your systems will ensure the safety of your data and client transactional data to ensure it’s safe.

“Don’t forget to take everything into account – laptops, smartphones, servers, applications, even wearable tech your employees may be using,” added Paquet. “They all likely store or transmit data. If you aren’t accounting for them in your security planning, you need to.”

New Technology Awareness and Availability:

Not many small and mid-sized business have resources available to focus on new and emerging technologies. Axis provides troubleshooting and remediation expertise but also gives you access to the latest technology and solutions to help you manage uptime and profitability.

“Our model helps clients manage staffing constraints and keep their team focused on key business initiatives,” said Estes. “We work with a variety of established and start up vendors and can help a client find a solution that fits their requirements. Investing in a managed services provider relationship is as close as you can get to insurance against having to catch up with technology when it is too late – like after a maintenance related outage.”

Axis can provide a vCIO if necessary to help understand and manage a client’s technology and what is changing on the horizon. This allows clients to better plan for the long term as they scale their business.

Return on Investment:

Technology budgeting can be difficult and unpredictable. Minor expenses and repairs may be the norm for months followed by a major software upgrade. Managed services can remove that unpredictability. While there will always be some variability, managed service options can help establish more predictable costs. By working with Axis to implement hardware and software refresh plans, small businesses can stay up to date with the latest technology within an established budget.

Regardless of whether you fully outsource your IT department or just certain components, one of the greatest benefits is the ability to focus on IT strategy to help give your business a competitive advantage. If you choose to outsource some of the more time-consuming duties, such as network monitoring or on-site end-user support, your internal IT team can focus on aligning your IT initiatives with your business’ strategic goals.

Custom Solutions:

Just because your company is contracted for a particular service doesn’t mean that the company next door is getting the same service. Every company operates differently, and because of this, Axis provides custom solutions to fit each client’s unique requirements. One client may only require monitoring services while another may utilize a broad set of managed services solutions including an IT consulting component.

“We are always on the lookout for new technology and new technology companies to work with – I think that is something that makes us very unique,” said Estes. “By partnering with as many top and new technology vendors as possible we are able to offer clients a wider set of solutions but more importantly a better set of solutions. We do a ton of research on new products so our clients don’t have to.”

Another great part of working with a service provider is that you can customize the relationship to complement your team. If you have someone on staff that is great with PC and Server repair, you can outsource the work that is outside their scope keeping them focused and keeping the employee and your business more productive.

With so many ways to leverage a managed services provider there is value to starting a relationship for every company. If you would like to learn more about what Axis managed services team can do for your company, contact us today.