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Leading Solutions Provider of Hyper-Converged

Portsmouth, NH, – Axis Business Solutions (, the fastest-growing tech service provider in Northern New England, has become the leading service provider for hyper-converged technologies. This emerging technology, widely considered to be an industry game-changer, is improving the efficiency, speed and reliability of data centers globally. Hyper-converged technologies will maximize organizations’ operational efficiencies, ensuring that their datacenters are cost-effective, scalable, agile and secure.

Axis is collaborating with IT leader SimpliVity, helping clients simplify and scale their data center infrastructure. Together, they provide hyper-converged infrastructure to eliminate the complexity and cost of deploying and running virtualized workloads. They deliver what modern data centers crave: the economics, agility and ease of cloud models, coupled with on-premises IT governance for performance, protection and other enterprise functions.

“Think of the way that technology has evolved, transitioning from huge mainframes to mobile devices that fit in your pocket. Hyper-converged technology has similarly evolved the world of data centers, which have historically been enormous racks of equipment with point products serving single functions. Now, the physical hardware can be dramatically condensed to an appliance form factor. Backup, data recovery, and the movement of data and virtual workloads can all be achieved through a single global interface. This technology will change the way people do business,” said Joe Paquet, Vice President of Alliance and Development at Axis Business Solutions. “In terms of the emerging hyper-converged technologies, no one knows it better than Axis, no one has more deployments than we do, and no one has more certified engineers. We’re proud to be the leading solutions provider for this groundbreaking solution.”

Axis and SimpliVity are providing clients with the cutting-edge OmniCube, a hyper-converged infrastructure that delivers the economies of scale of a cloud computing model while ensuring enterprise IT performance and resiliency for virtual workloads. OmniCube’s architecture uniquely addresses data efficiency and global management requirements needed in virtualized and cloud computing environments. OmniCube’s single unified stack simplifies infrastructure at a fraction of cost and complexity.

“Prior to working with Axis, we had several racks of physical hardware, which were resource intensive to manage, and expensive to replace and maintain with service contracts. Our DR strategy gave us excellent data protection but limited ability to achieve evolving business continuity demands. A major DR event would take weeks to recover from, as well as having to rely on complex scripts and costly professional services. Not anymore! Business continuity and DR recovery is now achieved within minutes of an event. Now, we’ve dramatically reduced the size of our infrastructure footprint, creating a leaner, more efficient system that will save us time, money and hassle,” said Mike Michaud, Senior Director of Information Technology at Synernet “This new data architecture expertly addresses our performance, capacity, mobility, protection, growth and management issues. Day to day administration has never been easier.”

Axis offers a robust portfolio of services, relying on both traditional and emerging technologies to meet clients’ specific needs. The full-service company expertly provides a wide range of technical offerings, including cloud, managed services, telecom, print, procurement, and more. They offer high-end talent and solutions at a rate structure that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Axis has a strong presence in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, with a Portsmouth, NH-based headquarters and staff positioned and deployed throughout Northern New England. While the company is growing rapidly and strategically throughout the region, Axis’ growth is especially notable in Maine, where they’ve become the largest emerging tech provider in the state.

In addition to the widespread, positive customer responses, the company is also winning prestigious industry awards. For instance, Axis was named to the 2014 and 2015 CRN Next-Gen 250 list, which honors up-and-coming technology solution providers that have adapted their businesses in unique ways to meet market demands. This esteemed list recognizes companies like Axis for embracing emerging technologies, providing ground-breaking solutions, and distinguishing themselves as industry trailblazers.

Axis’ leadership team believes that education maximizes success, so they’re committed to providing valuable educational opportunities, helping internal and external audiences learn more about emerging technologies. Axis recently held a highly-regarded educational tech summit, resulting in rave reviews and positive press coverage. They’re also holdingmonthly educational events – a “road show” across New England – on critical tech topics, and will hold a summit in September 2015 at a popular New England resort. Additionally, Axis provides extensive internal training and development, ensuring their staff is up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and technologies.

About Axis Business Solutions

Axis Business Solutions is a full-service technology provider, expertly offering a wide range of traditional and emerging technological solutions, including cloud, managed services, telecom, print, and procurement. The Axis team helps businesses leverage technology to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and profitability, and mitigate security and financial risks. Backed by a highly trained, certified team of engineers and dedicated staff spanning across the technology stack, Axis expertly assists a wide variety of clients with their IT needs.

Axis is successful because it’s different. While other service providers continue to be tied only to legacy technologies, Axis takes the opposite approach. Axis understands that technology doesn’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ configuration. Increasingly, clients come to Axis because they’re tired of the status quo, craving instead Axis’ collaborative, innovative, customized approach. This type of partnering has resulted in an energized staff and ecstatic clients working together to accomplish great things.

The Axis team takes the time to understand each client, the technologies they’ve deployed, as well as their unique challenges and business goals. Axis offers technology solutions that are tailored to each client’s environment with a focus on increasing operational efficiencies and, ultimately, their bottom line. Axis’ team of talented sales consultants, solution architects, engineers, and technicians ensure that every project is completed on time and on budget. For more information, visit