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Microsoft Cloud Computing, Security Challenges & Risk Assessment

During this webinar, we dove into Microsoft cloud computing and how to properly assess your organizational risk tolerance.

Cloud Computing has emerged as a very well-known technique to support large and voluminous data with the help of shared pool of resources and large storage area. Is it safe to use a public cloud? That’s the prevailing question about cloud computing. The full answer, though, depends on a clear understanding of your organization’s level of risk acceptance. Understanding how much risk you can tolerate depends on assessing your security requirements and how you value your information assets like data, applications and processes.

In this webinar we discussed:

  • Threat Categorization: What can happen to your information assets?
  • Threat Impact: How severe could that be?
  • Threat Frequency: How often might that happen?
  • Uncertainty Factor: How certain are you in answering these three questions?
  • Mitigation: What can you do to reduce the risk?
  • Mitigation Cost: What does risk mitigation incur?
  • Mitigation Cost/Benefit: Is mitigation cost-effective?
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