Case Studies

Axis Print Services Provided A Standardized Printer Fleet For Health Provider

Problem Overview:

Hallmark Health Systems, a local provider of health, medical and pharmaceutical services was dealing with an extensive printer burden. Their IT department was servicing many different types of printers and needed to find a solution that fit their environment and budget.


In response to Hallmark Health’s problems, Axis Managed Print Services developed a depot services repair center which provides seamless support and efficiency to all services and systems. In addition, Axis is responsible for advising and researching new equipment Hallmark Health is looking to acquire to ensure it meets long term budget requirements. Lastly, Axis equipped Hallmark Health with eco-services that reclaim and recycle used assets and cartridges which in turn, provides sustainability documentation on their carbon footprint.


As a result of Axis’ solutions, there is no longer a burden on Hallmark Health’s IT staff. Because of the depot services repair center, equipment is repaired and ready for redeployment when needed. The standardization of machine makes/models has increased productivity throughout the entire company.

“For many years the company’s IT repair shop used to constantly struggle with printer repairs, as knowledgeable help is always a challenge and the decision was to outsource the printer repair part. Axis Business Solutions was the vendor of choice and for the past 6 years they have been with us repairing all kind of printers. They are also instrumental in assisting us with printer solution that is suitable to our environment. Alex and staff have been amazing in addressing our demanding environment with prompt, professional and courteous services.”

– Ab Jamaleddine, IT Coordinator, Hallmark Health System’s

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