Case Studies

Axis Print Services Relieved A Rehabilitation Center Of A Printer Burden

Problem Overview:

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital is a network of outpatient centers, home care, medicine and other rehab services based throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They realized that they were experiencing a burden on IT personnel due to internally supporting and maintaining printer services/devices. They needed assistance in uncovering the under and over utilized devices in their printer fleet.


After analyzing the problems and concerns, Axis’ Managed Print Solutions (MPS) team helped Northeast Rehab Hospital to develop a strategy. This strategy consisted of the consolidation of Northeast Rehab’s printer fleet to current, up to date models which eliminated repairs and downtime. Consolidating the printer fleet has also led to controlled and fixed printing costs of paper, ink, toner and maintenance.


As a result, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital now has lessened toner skews which creates cost savings on the overall bottom line. In addition, Northeast Rehab now has a reliable service that provides automated supplies and maintenance. Axis also provides overall visibility and control of their print environment. By relying on Axis’ team of experts, Northeast Rehab’s efficiency and productivity has measurably increased. Furthermore, Northeast Rehab no longer experiences a printer burden.

“For many years Alex Ballance and the Axis Print Services Team have been handling our printer and fax needs. In the recent years, Axis has worked with us on consolidating our printer/fax fleet. We are currently using two updated models of each device. This lessened the burden on our IT staff, supplies inventory are under control and we saved money with our overall footprint. Axis Print Services is supporting our 22 Outpatient sites along with 3 Inpatient Hospitals at the highest level of support needed to keep up with our growing demands. We truly value our partnership with Axis.”

–Johanna Metthe, Customer Service Manager, Northeast Rehab

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