Case Studies

Axis Professional Services Assesses, Updates & Secures A Data Center

Problem Overview:

The Thomas Agency, a Maine based accounts receivable specialist company, was struggling with an aging data center and infrastructure with 7-10 year old systems. The old and unsupported operating systems that this company had, caused security concerns. This client found that backups weren’t being tested and were being brought off-site by employees on a USB hard drive. In addition, latency was affecting the delivery of their services.


In response the The Thomas Agency’s concerns, Axis Business Solutions performed an infrastructure assessment of their entire environment and security. Axis was then able to deliver recommendations for remediation. When a company operates with outdated equipment, they miss out on efficiency, and easily put themselves at a disadvantage. Because of this, Axis suggested that The Thomas Agency do a complete data center overhaul. A new network, virtualization, backup, firewall and storage platforms were deployed. Off-site backups were implemented and The Thomas Agency’s operating systems were upgraded to the latest versions.


By participating in a data center overhaul, The Thomas Agency no longer has security concerns, and has a clear understanding of the importance in updating their equipment. This company is now operating at its full potential while their infrastructure is supporting modern applications and innovation. With a state of the art data center, The Thomas Agency is no longer risking their productivity, growth or profitability.

Therefore, The Thomas Agency now has peace of mind, knowing that they can recover from a disaster with the implementation of a new backup/DR plan. All components of the data center are now back under manufacturer warranty, preventing costly repairs for out-of-warranty hardware while ensuring that they are not a security risk to to old, outdated hardware.

“Axis has been a crucial partner in the modernization of our data center. They have been a critical element in filling in the gaps of our network and have allowed us to move forward without having to have a network engineer on staff.”

– Derek Rouleau, CIS Manager, The Thomas Agency

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