Case Studies

Axis Professional Services Upgraded Neurologica's Network Infrastructure

Problem Overview:

NeuroLogica, the healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., develops, manufactures, and markets medical imaging technologies. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, NeuroLogica’s imaging solutions consist of ultrasound, digital radiography, and portable computed tomography (CT). NeuroLogica’s IT Manager came to Axis looking for technical assistance/supplementation. Their IT Manager recognized that they needed help on a regular basis, including guidance on technology-based decision-making processes. In addition, NeuroLogica was struggling with outdated technology systems, no backup strategy and was in need of an infrastructure evaluation.


After analyzing NeuroLogica’s issues and concerns, Axis performed an infrastructure assessment. This assessment identified legacy equipment that had become obsolete and posed security risks to their environment. The outdated technology was burdening their staff and needed to be replaced. Axis helped NeuroLogica implement and adapt to a completely new, state of the art infrastructure. This solution has had daily and measurable benefits of increased efficiencies and productivity, as well as decreased security risks. Most of all, it gave them peace of mind that their company’s assets were secure and ready for future expansion.


As a result, Axis Business Solutions is now an essential addition to NeuroLogica’s IT staff which gives their company access to a well-rounded set of technical skills, when needed. They trust Axis 100% to assist in making business decisions that keep NeuroLogica’s best interest in mind for future expansion and stability. Axis has also provided support to their marketing team for web portal design and development.

“Today, less than a year later, my users have an IT department\infrastructure they can be proud of. We have a ton remaining to-do, but our path is now clear and our direction is PERFECT. Thank you, Axis, on behalf of my wonderful user community, for taking this walk with us. I couldn’t have put smiles on their faces without you.”

– Shayne Lombardi, IT Manager, NeuroLogica

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