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The Pace Of Change In Cloud Services and IT - Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The pace of change in IT is not only unprecedented – it’s accelerating. Fueled by a strong economy and the advent of cloud services such as UCaaS, IaaS and new technologies such as SD-WAN. In its wake, there is a growing shortage of IT talent.

This discussion was on the underlying megatrends fueling the accelerating change in IT and how you can stay informed and get ahead of the curve to help differentiate your business:

  • AWS had over 1,000 capabilities added in 2017
  • SD-WAN is disrupting the way people are thinking about network designs
  • UCaaS is now in early majority according to Gartner
  • 50% of enterprise network traffic is in the cloud

Underlying all these is a fundamental set of mega trends that is driving this unprecedented shift in IT. Understanding these trends is the key to now and what’s next. Our presenter explained the mega trends and provide you with the hard facts shaping today’s IT industry and will share what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve in IT.

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