Case Studies

Axis Web Services Created An Internal Communication Platform For A Municipality

Problem Overview

The Town of Seabrook, NH had never utilized an internal communication platform. As a town committed to improving their community, Seabrook has multiple committees with scheduled meetings every week. An issue they were running into was time and materials being wasted through printing a surplus of meeting agendas, packets and supporting documents. Unsure of how to successfully digitize, organize and implement an online communications platform, they inquired with Axis’ Web Design & Development team for a simpler solution.

The initial challenge:

  • No global communication platform
  • No shared digital location for all staff to cooperate and share resources and tools
  • No shared network


After already successfully redesigning Seabrook’s town and police department websites, Axis’ Web and Marketing Services team outlined an intranet solution for the town of Seabrook. Axis sat down with Seabrook’s team for a discovery workshop which was used to fully understand Seabrook’s current processes and the areas that could be improved upon. Gathering requirements, functionality, specific features, accessibility requests, and a potential navigation that fit their needs was our first priority in this discovery phase. From there, we worked to identify the ideal flow of content, design concept, security measures, the data storage schema, and environmental architecture that best fit Seabrook’s profile.

We identified the following top requirements for their new global platform:

  • A central, global communication channel for management to inform staff and for Board meetings
  • A digital location for staff to collaborate and share resources and tools
  • A platform that employees could access from anywhere, anytime
  • A solution delivered within a very short time frame


The Town of Seabrook had an internal committee that worked on the logistics of launching this new platform and securing internal adoption.

Each department’s intranet page is now able to provide a reliable framework to share information, resources, processes and tools specific to each municipal department. In addition, departments and board members no longer need to waste time and energy printing hundreds of program packets.

The intranet platform solution supports an effective administrative structure, saves time and provides a place for collaborative communication. Brian Murphy, the Town of Seabrook’s Computer Technology Administrator has expressed his gratitude toward Axis for introducing a clearer, more productive system for the Town’s team.

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